God of War IV is quickly approaching. I for one am very excited for this on two different levels. The first of which is because I am interested to see how they either show us more of Kratos’ past or what he has in his future. But this is just a small reason I am interested. The real reason for my interest in the next installment is that I have developed my own plotline for Kratos and his vengeance.

Some of you may have read my Blogspot postings over the last few months. I decided to post some of my book there but only to a point where I can publish the book and complete the series that I have created. So far I have pushed out 6 chapters in the book. As a whole the book contains 27 chapters so there is plenty more to be had after reading what I have posted. So here is the reason for this blog. No one is responding with comments to the book on the blogspot page but that is not due to no interest because I receive dozens of hits a week. The reason no one is posting comments is because blogspot makes it hard to leave remarks. This blog will be the place I hope you, the fans of God of War and Kratos, will post questions to me. I am very interested to head what you have to say and what questions you have about the book. I have had several friends read over my work and of course they “love” it, but I am looking for real responses. I am not saying they are being sincere but I want comments from those who I do not know, to those who do not have vested interest in me or my friendship. And that is the whole of it. I am not sure what to say at this point other than happy reading. I will be commenting and blogging more after this point but cannot divulge the details of the book or the rest of the series. The one thing and last thing for this post I want to mention is that this series (the god of war one) is just one of three series which are going to interconnect and spill out into a total of 16 books. Joe

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