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Is there anybody out there?

I ask this question to those who may have read the postings from the God of War Egyptian Bloodlines book. I know that I have only posted the first two chapters to the book on this space but God of War is a million dollar franchise will millions of fans. I could have thought that some of those fans would read the fan fiction and of those some would also like to comment. Now I am not looking for good comments because I like what I wrote. I am looking for those comments where people want to tell me what they think. I want comments where people put me on blast because I have done something to the series they love. Send those to me. I want to talk on them becuase I have so much in line for the series but would love to know if there is a fan base out there to begin with.

So at the end of this I want to know what you think. I know that this site is seen by many veiwer and I would love those viewers to do a wikia search for the Fan Fiction section and let us, the writers, know what you think.

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