I can imagine you, the reader, are wondering why I am making mention of the Norse gods. Well, let's just say they play a major role in a book I am writing. As I have mentioned, I am writing books which begin with Kratos but take a very drastic turn to other things. This is one of those other things. To ensure I give no spoilers for the books I will say this. The Norse Gods are going to bring war to Kratos.

The book is actually a series of short stories which detail several elements of the whole story. It is actually book 11 in the total layout but does not have a true place within the first or second series. It is more of an explainer to why the Norse Gods would attack Kratos. I am considering posting the individual short stories to this blog, or my blogspot blog to test the waters. There are a total of 6 short stories with a larger story bringing them all together. If you have read my God of War Egyptian Bloodlines book (or at least what has been posted) let me know what you think about posting the short stories. I would love to hear from you concerning what I have been writing.

Kratos may meet his match with the Norse Gods. And believe you me, there is so much more I have planned.

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