I have decided to blog the chapters of God of War Egyptian Bloodlines to the pages of Wikia. Now I want everyone to know something about the posts. First, they are not going to be identical to the postings on the blogspot website. This is because I have been revising the chapters to be a more finished (or polished) product. Second I will be posting only the first six chapters because my intent is to have this accepted and published through Sony. I want to receive their graces to publish the book and if I give too much this cannot take place.

One main reason I am looking to post this here as well as on blogspot is due to the fact that blogspot is a universal blog website where this one is more specified to God of War. So, you the fan, here is your chance to look at and read what happens next for Kratos. Let me know what you think. I can have friends read this all day long and they will tell me it is good because they are my friends. But you, you do not know me, can give me a better focus and potentially change what it is that I am creating. I will say this, the book is finished as far as the story is concerned but the refinement process is still ongoing.

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