As many of you know I have posted the first six chapters of the book God of War Egyptian Bloodlines on the Since this time I have conducted an edit of all the chapters in the book. I conducted this edit and added over 40 pages to the book. Adding in pieces and parts which add to the whole series. This series takes Kratos to the edges of his sanity and beyond. From the gates of every underworld the mythological worlds have to throw at him. Eventually he will become the very things he hates only to gain the redemption he needs to give him reprieve from his nightmares. What you may or may not know is that I have begun posting these same chapters within the virtual walls of the Wikia. A God of War Fan Fiction section was created and now it houses the new and improved chapters of the book.

I ask you, the fans, to take a look and read a book which does not just flitter against the walls of the things Sony has handed us. It takes Kratos to a place he has not been before. It enhances the monsters in his life and sends him on a wild ride. Egypt may be the focus of the first book but it is just the beginning. I will send you on this ride with Kratos and I know that you will enjoy it and follow it all the way down the rabbit hole.

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