I was thinking that if there was a God of War IV that it would include the gods that have an effect in the world but not true domain over the actions of mortals. For example bring in some contributors to the world like Chiron the Centaur. Knowing Kratos he would kill him by burning him to death instead of letting him sacrifice himself to let mortals have fire. Irony right, or would the new Kratos do something different you know I was thinking he could have since Athena is crazy now have Hebe the goddess of youth and representation of purity and innocence can aid Kratos on his new found journey since he has been cleansed of the evils of his past and has forgiven himself he can cleanse the world of the chaos he released or guide the now stricken with horrors of great magnitude. Deimos could arrive, coming of age in the underworld and being freed by Hades’ death, be used and minipulated by the now crazy ghost Athena. Like she stated in Chains of Olympus there is another and he like Kratos will rise again out of the underworld. The now ‘at peace with himself for the things he's done, Kratos’ would fight to protect innocent mortals. Now instead of his vengeful motives he has always had before he can try to just serve the humans and protect them from the creatures that might still inhabit the world. Have some gods that have survived the second titan war aid kratos or bring in some more ancient gods like Thanatos was and learn the origins of Chaos so he can destroy it.

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