Possible stories of God of war IV or V

1- history can be changed by the end of God of War 3, look :

after killing his own father, Kratos looked at the destruction he brought it, he saw that the sun was gone, the seas destroyed the earth. Then came the goddess Athena, was asking and trying Kratos, give it to him, the almighty power of hope, but Kratos did not give her, and he released the power of hope for humanity (not kill). Athena was angry and disappointed and took the sword of Olympus Kratos and killed, she said she would steal all the thrones of the Gods and would become omnipotent. And so begins the story, Kratos has to go in the ancient worlds and convince the gods to protect the Athena, but Athena tricked Kratos, and asked God for each kill Kratos, Kratos that they would overthrow

2- kratos has a son :

after the death of his father, the son of Kratos and love (Aphrodite). continued his father's will adventure to destroy the gods

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