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Proof Edit

Proof ?!?!?!?! Where do you see these guys, give me the link!

  1. Hestia -is set to appear
  2. Pandora- will play a part in the story, not completely known what quiet yet.
  3. Deimos- out of vengence for the death of his father, Ares
  4. Artemis- will wield the blade of Artemis
  5. Assassin (Kratos's brother)- Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dyonisus- god of wine (you'd think Kratos would want him on his side)
  7. The real Cerberus-the reason you will want to kill Hades(Just kidding, sorry) . will be sent by Hades to kill Kratos
  8. Daedalus- Is set to appear
  9. Minos- one of the judges of the underworld
  10. ?- (There is one more judge of the underworld)
  11. Apollo

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