Wild Boar

A wild boar

Wild Boars are enemies encountered in God of War II.


In Greek Mythology, Wild Boars are common animals in the wilds and forests of Greece. There where two legendary wild boars in Greek myth the Erymanthian Boar (which was captured by Hercules) and the Calydonian Boar.

In Norse Mythology, Hildisvíni (“battle swine”) is Freyja's boar. The story of Hildisvíni appears in Hyndluljóð, an Old Norse poem found in Flateyjarbok but often considered a part of the Poetic Edda. In the poem, Freyja is searching for the ancestry of her protégé, Óttar. Freyja rides on her boar Hildisvíni, who is in fact Óttar in disguise. They meet Hyndla who is a seeress. Freyja succeeds in forcing Hyndla to tell Óttar about his ancestors.

In God of War IIEdit

Wild Boars are standard boars that roam the Island of Creation. They attack Kratos by approaching and then striking at him with their large tusks. If there are also any Cyclops around, they can pick up the boar, bite its head off and hurl them at Kratos like projectiles. Kratos can kill a wild boar by grabbing it by the leg, holding it up, and slicing its stomach open. Killing them this way also yields Gold Orbs. They are quite slow, slower than a cyclops.

They are only encountered twice; in the Destiny's Atrium along with the Cyclops and the Bog of the Forgotten.

In God of War (2018) Edit

Wild Boars are ambient creatures in Midgard. One of Freya's companion, Hildisvíni has been shot and injured by Atreus where a boar she was protecting. Kratos and Atreus agree to help heal the boar and are taken back to her home. During Kratos carrying injured boar and walking with Freya and Atreus beheading to her home, there is a couple of Wild Boars much like real-life animals. Afterwards, Wild Boars are never appeared any places in Midgard.


Trivia Edit

  • In early trailer at 1:47, Wild Boars looks much normal like in real-life boar instead of monstrous boar.