The World is the main setting in the God of War universe.

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The World of God of War is generally portrayed as consisting of the upper world, a flat world that contains the large Mount Olympus and all six continents, and the Underworld, a chasm of infinite size ruled by Hades where the souls of the dead head to. To prevent the collapse of all of creation, the Pillar of the World rests in the middle of both realms and supports the upper world. The destruction of its top forced the titan Atlas to do this instead.

Trivia Edit

  • While God of War Ascension shows an image of a round Earth, contradicting the earlier portrayals of a flat planet, it was later revealed by the animation director that it was merely an easter egg to another series, and that it had nothing to do with God of War.
  • It was confirmed by Steve Caterson (Art Producer) on the documentary Unearthing the Legend that the God of War world is flat and that it has edges.
  • Bonus content for God of War I confirms that the Underworld is infinite in size. In addition, Cecil Kim (Concept Artist, God of War III) stated that the Underworld was infinite on an interview.