I offer you the power of the greatest of all the gods, the father of Olympus, I offer you the power of Zeus


Zeus' Fury is a power is given to Kratos by Lord Zeus, during Kratos journey through Athens. It allows Kratos to summon bolts of lightning in his hands, and throw them at distant enemies. A player can also level it up to increase the power and firing speed of the bolts. Kratos uses these bolts in order to break the chain that Ares was using to hold Pandora's Box.


Level 1Edit

  • Zeus' Fury - Hurls powerful thunderbolts at enemies. Hold L2 + square
  • Zeus' Fury (Air) - Hurl powerful thunderbolts in the air. L2

Level 2Edit

  • Increased Damage
  • Faster Attack
  • Might of Zeus - Charge up thunderbolts for a massive attack. Hold L2 + hold triangle

Level 3Edit

  • Increased Damage
  • Faster attack


  • The Symbol of Zeus' Fury

Trivia Edit

  • The symbol of Zeus' Fury is similar to the symbol of Cronos' Rage, which makes sense, since Cronos is Zeus' father.
  • It can be useful in the fight with Ares: when he levitates and start to throw fireballs at Kratos, using Zeus` Fury can force him back to the ground.
    • If Kratos fires bolts at Ares while he is blocking with his spider like legs, it will cause the bolts to ricochet and fly away.
  • Zeus' fury is also used by Kratos in the God of War demake Bit of War.
  • Although Zeus' Fury has the power to kill enemies from a distance in God of War, Kratos won't be able to collect their orbs if they are too far from him, because in this game there is a maximum range between Kratos and the orbs in which he can absorb them. If he takes too long to reach this range, the orbs will disappear and be lost. This was fixed in the other games, where Kratos can collect orbs from any distance.
  • In God of War: Ascension, at level 1 of the elemental power Lightning of Zeus, the most basic combo is called Zeus' Fury.
  • Zeus's Fury was used by Zeus in his fight against Kratos in God Of War II on The Summit Of Sacrifice.

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