Zora and Lora are the twin daughters of Aphrodite. They are among many of topless women with whom Kratos has sex with.

God of War Edit

Zora and Lora first appear in Kratos' bed chamber aboard his ship. They insist Kratos stays with them a bit longer, and Kratos can do so by jumping onto the bed which initiates a minigame. As Kratos has sex with them, a vase nearby bounces until it drops onto the floor.

Kratos eventually leaves the two women to begin his journey, much to their chagrin. He tells them to collect their things and leave.

God of War II Edit

Zora and Lora appear in the opening sequence of the game, at Kratos' feet, who is now the God of War after defeating Ares. They appear to be his consorts at this point. It is unknown as to their final fate.

Trivia Edit

  • They are the only known children of Aphrodite to appear in-game.
  • Although they are never named in the game, their names were given in the novel.

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